What Is Online Matchmaking?

There's a lot of stories about the beginning of time. `A popular one is the Bible story. Adam, the first man, was said to be lonely and that earned him a wife in person of Eve. The story proves that it's reasonable to get lonely and need someone by your side - or in Adam's case, from your side. This leads to the union of people. Societal standards dictate that this union must be recognized by law, and it's called marriage.

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Before getting to that, there's a process where both parties get to know each other properly. This process, traditionally called courtship, is referred to as Matchmaking. With the advancement of technology, this process has a new kind called online Matchmaking.

Take a significant part of the Matchmaking process - the initial meet, sharing of information, correspondence, and a few other things - and let it all happen on the internet. That's what online Matchmaking is. There are now a number of websites and apps that are simply dedicated to making this happen. Whatever the kind of relationship you're seeking, these platforms make it happen. The types of relationships are typically sexual, romantic, or personal. Hence, they're not all expected to lead to marriage.

How does Matchmaking work?

Online Matchmaking works via the platforms mentioned above. As smartphones became popular, online Matchmaking followed suit because it offers a chance to look out for a partner no matter where you are.

These platforms allow members to create profiles and upload information about themselves that can help others recognize them as matching their taste. The information that makes up a profile includes, but isn't limited to, gender, age, sexual orientation, city/state/country of residence, and one or more pictures. The information gives others an insight into what the person is like and helps them decide if they’re someone they’d relate to.

When both parties realize they’re a match for each other, they begin communicating with each other. It can start from messages on the online Matchmaking platform. If they hit it off, other means of communication comes into place. They can share email addresses and even phone numbers so they can talk offline.

If both parties are still really interested in each other after a while of talking, it sooner or later moves from online Matchmaking to actual Matchmaking. For instance, if they live in the same area, it's effortless to organize a meetup. If they don't, the physical dates might take a while, that way, it remains as online Matchmaking.

Online Matchmaking, depending on the site, can either be paid or free. Websites that are free online Matchmaking platforms mostly rely on adverts on the site for revenue. The particular websites require members to pay if they want a chance with the other members on the website. Registration on this website can be free, but you have to pay if you find someone that interests you.

Why Online Matchmaking Is Effective

From 2005 and a decade after, online Matchmaking became popular. Initially, many thought using online Matchmaking was a show of desperation. This soon changed, especially among people of younger ages - that is, 18 to 24. This is because they realized how effective online Matchmaking is compared to random hookups

Thanks to the advancement of technology, filtering and recommendations have been made possible. It's undeniable that everyone is initially attracted to a pretty face. This is why pictures are the most noticeable things in profiles. However, relationships require a lot more than being attractive. People have preferences regarding the personalities they’d like to relate to and the extra information included in profiles. Online Matchmaking is useful because profiles are optimized, so you can quickly tell if that beauty is next to you and likes to cook.

Most online Matchmaking websites allow people to list their preferences and interests and bring people together based on these. You don't just keep trying your luck with the hopes that this pretty girl that caught your eye likes to watch anime - or at least respects that you do.

Another reason online Matchmaking works great is the fact that most people are now extremely busy. They don't have time for trying luck and going to the bar or club, hoping to bump into someone. Being able to find out that there are people who share your interests over the phone is very time saving and quite effortless. Hence, online Matchmaking is optimized for the busy society that the twenty-first century is.

What are the risks of online Matchmaking?

No matter how unbelievably amazing something seems, there'll always be one or two flaws and shortcomings. Online Matchmaking is no exception. By choosing to look to the internet for a partner, you're risking certain things like being scammed.

Relationship scams, although at a minimum, actually happen from time to time. They occur when a person's expectations about a relationship aren't met despite an initial assurance. For instance, a person might upload a picture of someone that isn't on an online Matchmaking platform. Whether or not the rest of the information is accurate, the fact that it's someone else's picture is very wrong. Since people naturally are attracted to what they see first, unsuspecting people might jump in and start to talk to this fraud. Most of the time, this happens because people are trying to brand themselves properly.

They probably feel insecure about their real looks. Sometimes, it's not even the looks they're uncertain about. They can lie about age, height, and even marital status to look useful to the others they're trying to attract on the online Matchmaking site.

With taking, they might develop an interest in their personality and are disappointed when a physical meetup happens. Of course, this scenario is less dreadful since only expectations are brought down. In worse cases, the unsuspecting party might have made a few payments for whatever reason during the online Matchmaking process. Hence, said person has been scammed of time and money.

Another risk with online Matchmaking is the sharing of information. Some sites don’t properly protect the sensitive information of their members, leaving them vulnerable. Even with sites that have encryption, people are still open to identity theft. Through the information on the person's profile on the online Matchmaking platform, enough can be gathered about the person. Soon enough, someone is posing as that person.

Advice for safely online Matchmaking

The risks of online Matchmaking are controlled by the meticulous attention that these sites pay to the protection of the members. Still, not all of them can have attention given to them. On the part of the government, there are regulations and acts such as the Internet Matchmaking Safety act by the New York state law in December 2010. It helps ensure that users of online Matchmaking websites aren't disclosing personal information to parties they don't know.

Sometimes, there's nothing to blame because misinterpretation of information can be by mistake. People are advised to look closely - do a little background check if they have to - before jumping into anything when it comes to online Matchmaking. Members must be as honest as possible and very clear so that they don't mislead others.

How To Choose Online Matchmaking Sites

There are several online Matchmaking sites with a lot of variety to them. Hence, choosing one requires that you consider several things. From payment to communication and even some resolve, certain things play their role in what online Matchmaking site works best for you.

If you're unwilling to pay for access, there are websites that require anything from you. If you're willing to pay, you need to keep in mind that pay doesn't equal lower risks. For some, it just means they need revenue to run, and you're their source.

Communication comes to play because different websites handle it in their way. On OkCupid, anyone who fancies you can easily reach out. On other online Matchmaking media such as Tinder, only people you match with can say hi. To find out how these sites work in all terms and not just communication, you can check them out through reviews if you can't do it yourself.

The sooner you realize that not everyone will be sincere, the better you'll be at looking out. No online Matchmaking sites are entirely free from every kind of fraud. The website can do its job to protect you, but you have a part to play in protecting yourself as well.

Pros And Cons Of Online Matchmaking


  • Easily accessible:A large part of the population has access to the internet, and access to the internet brings to access to online Matchmaking websites.
  • Time-saving and convenient:Unlike conventional Matchmaking practices, one can easily control the speed at which the online Matchmaking process is going. It can happen from whatever place you choose.
  • Extensive range of people:Online Matchmaking gives a person access to others from parts of the world they typically wouldn't have gotten to conventionally.
  • Match optimization:Many online Matchmaking media put people together based on features they provide as perfect partners. This makes them get what they want.


  • Risk of fraud:It's unavoidable that there are a few liars here and there. Some might be harmless and simply want to make themselves look good. For others, it's a means to scam people who aren't looking. Either way, there's always a little risk of fraud with online Matchmaking.
  • Geographical distance:Imagine what a joy it'll be to find the perfect person through online Matchmaking. Only to have that joy stripped away by realizing they live continents away! You can't afford them to get them close to you.
  • Potential for identity theft:By leaving information about your personality on online Matchmaking websites, you might want to prove that you're interesting enough. There are people, however, who know how to manipulate this information and soon enough, they're masquerading as you.

The inclusion of technology in much of our lives is continually happening. That's simply what online Matchmaking is. There's more to enjoy than feared with online Matchmaking.