What Is A Mail Order Bride?

When a woman offers herself up to be wedded as a service to a man, she’s a mail order bride. Typically, she markets her services in a catalog along with others. The trend started in the twentieth century because women living in less developed countries wanted affiliation with men in developed countries. By marrying men from those developed countries, they could become citizens of said country. Women who set themselves up to be mail order brides are mostly Southeast Asian and a few from Latin America.

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The catalogs were paper-based, but now, the meeting of mail order brides with interested men happens online. The traditional process is now mostly illegal. There are multiple websites where men and women can find each other and eventually get married, but that isn't entirely the mail order bride concept.

When anyone thinks of the' I DO' service in a church, there's a lot that comes to mind. The long white gowns, beautifully decorated altars, men in perfectly fitted suits and a congregation - most of which are family and well-wishers. Most importantly, however, at any wedding are two people. They're mostly believed to be in love, but sometimes, that's not the case. The union could be a betrothal, a hoax, or have other circumstances around it. The idea of mail order brides is one of such things. Of course, love can happen along the line, but the initial setup of the marriage is one of the main features of weddings with mail order brides.

How to get a mail order bride?

The mail order bride process is regulated by international marriage agencies. These agencies exist to bring people from different countries together. They bring them together so they can have a chance at talking, dating, and, most times, eventual marriage. The international marriage agencies were mostly based near women in less developed or developing countries. They encouraged these women to register for correspondence with men in the more developed countries. This implies that men in more developed countries had higher chances of getting mail order brides than men in less developed countries.

Today all a man had to do to get a mail order bride was to get the catalog and go through it. By going through it, he'd find the woman most attractive to him for whatever reason, and that's the woman he'd choose as his bride. To make it official, the man was to make payment and the process to make her his could begin.

The twenty-first century saw smaller agencies and international dating sites based on the web. Hence, getting a mail order bride now mostly requires an internet connection. Despite the pros of being internet-based, the initial mail order bride concept has died down. For one, the term' mail order bride' is seen as insulting because it refers to women as commodities. In addition, manoeuvring immigration laws is oftentimes tricky. A man of this time can find a bride on the internet through dating sites and the likes, but the women are no longer referred to as' mail order brides.

Why would someone get a mail order bride?

A man's intent to marry a mail order bride can stem from many reasons, most of which are personal. Looking into the lives of these men, it was seen that work, personality, and the people around the man are all factors influencing his choice. A man who works overseas in the more developed countries might want a wife from his home country. It might also be the other way around. The man might live in a developed country but works in a less developed one. It gets lonely, but he's a workaholic and never meets anyone by himself. He decides to get a wife that he can take back home once in a while and have in the country where he works too. Either way, examples of these kinds of men have been seen getting mail order brides.

In terms of personality, the man is simply too shy or even lazy to approach a lady himself and go through the normal courtship process. Wooing a woman and convincing her to be yours forever is hard work for some people. For these people, a mail order bride is a better alternative than simply being single. The man's relative and the people around him also come to play here when they start to put pressure on him. They want him to get a bride at all cost and very soon, but he just doesn't know-how. Soon enough, he might turn to a mail order bride to get the pressure off of his back.

How much does a mail order bride cost?

The price of getting a mail order bride is on an extensive range, mostly starting from $1000 to nearly $30000. A lot of factors influence the price. Starting from the catalogs or sites where she is listed for selection to fees for things like translation, a lot of these things accumulate and form one big cost. Trips to and from the countries of both parties also add to the cost of getting a mail order bride. When the man has to go meet his bride's family in her home country to culturally ask for her hand in marriage, the cost of getting there is included. Bringing the bride to his own country is also an added cost. The development level of the bride's country also plays a role in increasing or decreasing the amount of money the man would pay.

The 6 general costs that make up mail order bride prices are:

  • Agency fees
  • Travel expenses
  • Translators, guides, and drivers
  • Dating expenses
  • Bureaucratic fees
  • Assimilation expenses.

This is frequently overlooked. It can take the new bride a while to adjust to her new life, and it comes with a few payments here and there.

Can you really buy a mail order bride?

If you're talking about the current world, finding a mail order bride might be quite the task. As said earlier, they're currently not referred to as' mail order brides' anymore for a few reasons. Can you, however, find women that can be paid to date you? Yes, you can. A few websites here and there, and anyone can just log on and take a look at pretty women who want to be found by men.

Best mail order brides websites

Right now, the best place for a man to be if he hopes to find a mail order bride is online. The best websites that he should be on include:

Many of these websites are free to join at the start but meeting and connecting to those you meet on the website comes at a price, as it should be with mail order brides. The reason these particular websites have gotten so popular, asides their length of existence, is the fact that they take the interests of their members very seriously. The prevention of scamming and fraud is a top priority of these websites. As a result, it almost always guarantees that you get what you see on the websites.

Mail order bride scam

While situations like this are at a bearable minimum, they do exist. Men can cover all the costs of getting a mail order bride only to get what he didn't pay for or even no bride at all. To avoid this, it's best to only seek mail order brides from reputable websites such as the ones above. Men are also advised not to be in a rush. Anxiety can make one quick to make bad decisions like making payments for things that aren't guaranteed yet.

Pros and cons of using mail order bride websites


  • Easily Accessible: The internet is available worldwide so no matter where you are, you can easily log in and find a mail order bride.
  • Options:There are always so many options that it's nearly impossible to run out of. You just have to make a decision.
  • Time-Saving:Scrolling through the internet is one of the most natural things to do, and without distractions, it doesn't take very long.
  • Wide Coverage Area:The internet can help you reach the ends of the earth in your search for a mail order bride. As long as women from whatever country you prefer are willing to meet and date, you can have yourself a bride from that country in no time.
  • Proven Success:The rising popularity and even longevity of these websites are proof that people really do find mail order brides. Talking to these people also proves that the brides are worth it more often than not.
  • Taste Optimised:By going through the primes of these mail order brides by yourself, your choice is most likely the woman you find most appealing in every way.


  • Making Up Your Mind:The variety is typically a great thing when considering mail order brides. Still, the fact that there are so many women that are like them might have you confused about who to choose. This can lead to wasted time. Also, nobody likes to be in a state of dilemma
  • Fail Stories:The probability of scam with mail order brides might be low, but it's not nonexistent. They see fail situations, whether you like it or not. You just hope you won't encounter one.
  • High Costs:It's possible to actually spend too much. With the factors that affect the cost, getting a mail order bride that's extremely to your taste can leave you bankrupt.
  • Language and Cultural Barriers:Communicating with people from the other side of the planet is no doubt a problem. Translators and guides can be employed, but it always comes at a cost. Also, certain aspects of culture, like food, can be a problem. Mail order brides most likely know how to prepare food of their own culture and will have to learn, not only how to prepare, but also how to eat food that their husbands do.

In conclusion, a person's reason for getting a mail order bride is mostly personal. Hence, with the assurance of low scam rates, it can be hard for other factors to change their mind. The process has gone on for decades. While it might be refined every time — such as the name change — it doesn't look like it's going out of existence any time soon.