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This project aims at helping people to make better decisions regarding dating and marriage. We give explanations on dating itself and some forms of union between man and woman.

Mail Order Brides
Mail Order Brides
A mail-order bride is that lady who agrees to be published by a body as being open for marriage. Women who are ready for marriage can fast track their union with a potential husband by signing up as a mail order bride. According to history, this practice was as a result of the inability of successful European men to get a wife in their new environment.
Matchmaking Girl and Men
Matchmaking before now comes in after two strangers meet face-to-face, talk often, develop sexual feelings and decide to make something of the relationship. But these days, the case is different. Matchmaking amongst other modern forms of dating, is now a norm among people. It jettisons the limitation of distance and sometimes culture. You can find Matchmaking websites all over the internet where you get to meet people that match your taste.
Sugar Daddy
Sugar Dating
Sugar dating is a type of romance between two people, the older male and younger female. In this kind of relationship, the man is called the 'sugar daddy' and the lady is the 'sugar baby'. One distinct thing about this kind of companionship is the man is always older, and more successful than the lady. The lady could be from a lower class in society.

We also compiled our thoughts on dating sites, stating what to watch out for when signing up on any dating site. You can also read our reviews on these dating sites here. How do we measure the effectiveness of these dating sites? Check out this brief description.

  • Catering to different nationalities: Language is an important tool in dating. It's the primary thing to consider when you’re about to initiate a conversation with a match online. Sites that cater to multiple languages and online translation are more likely to be rated above others who don't.
  • Number of users: A male or female who goes on to look for love on a dating site of over a million users will most likely get noticed faster than one in a 1000 users. These things are important considerations for our experts when they review these sites.
  • Provision for older ages: We can't leave out the older ages out of this. Some sites put restrictions on those who can sign up. Other considerations are the method of matchmaking, respect for users' privacy, online security, cost of operating an account etc.
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